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Facts & Figures

1 Principal
1 Assistant Principal

Certified Staff Members
3 Kindergarten Teachers
3 First Grade Teachers
3 Second Grade Teachers
3 Third Grade Teacher
3 Fourth Grade Teachers
3 Fifth Grade Teachers
1 P.E. Teacher
1 Art Teacher
1 Music Teacher
2 CLDE Teachers
2 SPED Moderate Needs Teachers
1 SPED Affective Needs Teacher 
1 Reading Interventionist
1 Instructional Coach
1 Counselor
1 Social Worker 

Educational Support Personnel to include 4 Distinguished ESP
2 Office Staff Members
1 Health Para
1 Library Technician
3 Instructional Paraprofessionals 
1 SPED Moderate Needs Paraprofessional 
3 SPED Affective Needs Paraprofessionals 
3 Kitchen Staff Members
2 Custodial Staff Members

Current Student Enrollment: 380 students (as of September 13, 2022) 


Wildflower Students on Halloween

Our Awards

  • 2018 -- Urban School Award Winner
  • 2011 and 2017  -- National Blue Ribbon Award
  • 2016/2017 -- Title 1 Distinguished School Award
  • 2016 -- John Erwin School of Excellence Award
  • 2011 -- Distinguished Governor's Award

2023-2024 School Culture Survey Highlights


95% of students feel that adults at school care about them.

90% of families believe the school provides a caring environment for their child.

100% of staff feel that their work positively supports D2.

Improvement Opportunities

  • 32% of students do not feel that most students at school try to work out problems with other students by talking to them.
  • 15% of families feel that their child is not challenged by his/her school work.
  • 42% of staff feel that their stress level at work is not manageable.

Next Steps

  • Continue with Character Strong instruction so that students are learning skills for problem solving.
  • Extend and enrich literacy experiences for students during WIN time. Through MTSS, collaborate with GE facilitator to differentiate to target student needs to challenge their thinking in math and reading.
  • Meet with staff weekly to check in on stress levels and survey to determine how we can support to help them manage stress. Seek resources to help celebrate and honor staff through community partnerships.