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Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools to be vaccinated against certain diseases, unless an exemption is filed. Meeting the initial vaccine requirements does not excuse a student from meeting additional requirements.

For the most current immunization information, see the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) website

Required Immunizations for Grades K-12

Exemption Information

Medical and Nonmedical Exemptions must be processed per CDPHE directions. 

Medical Exemptions
Students with a completed Certificate of Medical Exemption signed by an advanced practice nurse, a delegated physician assistant, or physician licensed to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine in any state or territory of the United States will need to submit this certificate only once unless the student’s information or school changes.

Certificate of Medical Exemption Form
Certificate of Medical Exemption Form [Spanish]
More languages are available through the CDPHE Immunization website.

Nonmedical Exemptions
Please review the CDPHE directions for Nonmedical Exemptions here. Parents of students in grades K-12 claiming a non-medical exemption must submit one annually. Nonmedical exemptions expire June 30th each year. If you submit a Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption on or before June 30th, it will not be valid for the upcoming school year unless you submit the exemption during early registration.